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Attack of the Genetically Engineered Salmon

Back in 2004, there was a cheesy, straight-to-DVD horror movie made called Frankenfish. The name and genre pretty much explain the whole plot: a genetic experiment goes awry and a bunch of fish/snake mutants run amok. Today, the term Frankenfish is being used by media outlets as an easy way to stir up public debate against genetically engineered salmon that may soon ...

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Will Daily Deal Coupon Sites Help or Hurt your Business?

Coupons are nothing new for businesses in bringing in new customers. However, today  more and more consumers are looking to the internet and social media sites to grab the latest deals and specials. Daily deal coupon sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are taking advantage of the situation and making it work. Mostly due to a down economy and an ever growing popula...

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Apple Technology might take restaurants to the next level – Part 2

Apple Technology might take restaurants to the next level - Part 2 iPads take over for menus In my last blog I discussed how the iPod can be used as a POS system in a restaurant. Although much of this technology has a long way to go to be easy and convenient to use for most busy restaurants the reality is that the demand is growing so companies who design these ...

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Apple Technology Might Take Restaurants to the Next Level – Part 1

Apple Technology might take restaurants to the next level - Part 1 iPods are not just for music - POS If you have ever been in an Apple store and purchased something you may have noticed they do things slightly different. When you check out the Apple employee will pull out an iPod touch and quickly ring up your merchandise, swipe your credit card and email you ...

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The History of Russia’s Most Ancient Traditional Dishes: Pelmeni

By Alexandra Bashkiroff I am half Russian on my father’s side. My family fled from persecution during the Bolshevik Revolution because they were White Russians, otherwise known as Russian aristocrats. Those who survived moved around the world to Japan, China, Argentina, and finally the United States. My earliest and most fond of memories as a child was eating ...

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