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Will Daily Deal Coupon Sites Help or Hurt your Business?

Coupons are nothing new for businesses in bringing in new customers. However, today more and more consumers are looking to the internet and social media sites to grab the latest deals and specials. Daily deal coupon sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are taking advantage of the situation and making it work. Mostly due to a down economy and an ever growing population of belt tightening consumers, online coupon use is on the rise. According to Consumers Saved More Than $7.9 Million Using Online and Printable Coupons in March 2010. So is it a wise choice for you to get on board with the online coupon craze?

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Apple Technology Might Take Restaurants to the Next Level – Part 2

Another Apple technology is making a name for itself in the restaurant industry, the iPad.

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Apple Technology Might Take Restaurants to the Next Level – Part 1

If you have ever been in an Apple store and purchased something you may have noticed they do things slightly different. When you check out the Apple employee will pull out an iPod touch and quickly ring up your merchandise, swipe your credit card and email you your receipt. Easy, painless and paperless. This efficient process has recently become all the rage in tech circles looking to expand into the restaurant industry.

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The History of Russia’s Most Ancient Traditional Dishes: Pelmeni

Today, pelmeni, also called vareniki, can be found in Russian supermarkets in the frozen section; however, I highly suggest making the traditional way for a richer experience.

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A Tale from the Trenches: Word of Mouth Marketing for Personal Chefs

Word of mouth marketing seems risky, but if it's done right it can really rake in the client list.  This guest blog was written in 2009 by a personal chef who started her business selling home cooked meal plans and found herself diving into a new opportunity. She was not a fan of advertising online and wrote this piece to explain how she made her business plan work ...

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