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What You Don’t Know About Yelp

Yelp! It was 2004 when you first heard this four-lettered, onomatopoetic word, and probably though it was just an exclamatory slang the hip teens were using. Fast forward ten years, and now you are well versed on the half-social media, half-business review hybrid website and have even added two more words to your vocabulary list.

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Deal Reminder: Free Shipping Lasts Until 5/31/14!

At FSW, we believe free shipping should last more than a weekend. Yes, Memorial Day was yesterday. All that means is that you can still take advantage of huge savings and wear white was yesterday. When your order meets or exceeds $299, we'll give you free shipping. But hurry, this slice of American pie won't last forever! Place your order by May 31 to take advantage of this great deal...

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Last-Minute Cinco de Mayo Marketing Tips

Has the festive fiesta of May 5th snuck up on you like a baseball bat to a piñata? Don’t fret. We have some last minute Cinco de Mayo Marketing tips that you’ll be happy to say “hola” to!

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Don’t Leave Going Green on the Backburner

Going green isn’t just about swapping out those plastic bags for reusable ones or composting your banana peels instead of throwing them away. At the beginning of the green movement, a few people here and there concentrated on making small changes. Now, it’s grown into an enormous movement of groups and businesses doing everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint. Restaurants are among the many businesses making waves in the sustainability game.

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6 Numbers to Keep Your Buffet Safe

When it comes to buffets, the fun ends where foodborne illness begins. Customers have to trust that the establishment is taking all the necessary precautions to prevent bacteria growth, thus avoiding food poisoning altogether.

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