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Strategies and Supplies for Adding Ice Cream to Your Menu

Ice cream has topped the list of most popular desserts for a long time and shows no sign of ceding its position to some upstart torte or mini-canelle. Ice cream sales reached 25.1 billion in 2011, and restaurants accounted for 57 percent of those sales. It’s a smart idea to add this easy-seller to your menu, but first take into consideration some strategies and ...

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How to Create a Beer Garden in Your Bar or Restaurant

Beer gardens came about in the 18th century as the result of one of life’s happiest accidents. German beer brewers began planting gardens on their rooftops because they found it to be an effective method for keeping the temperature cool enough for their brews to ferment. Soon, some of the more enterprising brewers found it profitable to begin serving beer in those gardens, and the concept has been booming ever since.

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8 Ways to Sell More Soup and Chili in Your Restaurant

As the weather gets colder customers are on the lookout for something warm, cozy and comforting...

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Creative Restaurant Apps From Krispy Kreme and More

Mobile marketing! Unless you’re running the neighborhood Luddite hangout you’ll do well to embrace it, or get consumed in its mechanized wake of destruction. Many restaurants have done well for themselves by rolling out mobile apps for online ordering, payment, and pickup coordination as well as location-based promotions and loyalty rewards. However, some ...

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What is Responsive Web Design? An Interview With FSW Resident Genius

Greetings surfers of the internet! I’m so happy that your typing fingers have brought you to my e-doorstep. Today I would like to talk to you about our brand new website. Have you visited lately? Because if so, you may have noticed we’ve got a fancy new responsive design. What is responsive web design, you ask? Well, I kind of know ...

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