Do You Have all the Right Pizza Supplies for Busy Summer Business?

Posted on July 4, 2012
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Beginning today and rolling right through August, there will be a bevy of summer activity that may have your customers scrambling for an easy way to eat lunch and dinner. With many households hosting friends and family over the 4th of July holiday and thousands of customers gearing up to watch the televised 2012 Summer Olympics kicking off on July 27 in London, there is plenty of opportunity to promote easy dinner ideas in your community.


Is your pizza shop ready for the business?

For a successful take-out and delivery service, take a quick inventory of your pizza delivery bags and take-out containers. Be sure to that you have all right materials for disposable carryout containers, because nothing is worse than waiting with hungry anticipation for delicious delivery – just to have it seep, spill and smoosh through, or all around the container.

In the kitchen, check all your refrigeration units to assure they are all clean, well-stocked and working properly (and don’t forget the refrigerated area of your pizza prep table.) If you’re not sure what to look for or how to prevent commercial refrigeration failure – which will inevitably happen on a Saturday night- check out our article, 4 Simple Tips to Protect Your Commercial Refrigerator.

And while you are carefully going over the details of your equipment’s upkeep, review the care and daily cleaning practices of the pizza supplies you use most, including wooden pizza peels, pizza screens and pizza pans. For an in-depth review of how to keep these items in tip-top condition, read our quick reference guide to Caring for Pizza Supplies.

Look for ways to simplify your food prep and consider investing in some small pizza supplies to keep things moving. A dough cutter, meat slicer, electric cheese grater and high-volume produce prep equipment can save a lot of time when setting up or replenishing prepped ingredients.

With the right supplies and preparation in place, your pizza business will be set up to roll in the dough all summer long.

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