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Posted on May 1, 2013
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Greetings my dear scholars of dealology, my adjunct professors of saveosophy. Wait! One more: my learned brethren of unbeatablepricesography. Welcome to the latest episode of FSW Weekly Deals!

This week we are talking about catering supplies. Why? Because we like parties and because we like to have food at our parties and we don’t like to make that food ourselves. Mkay? So we’re putting a bunch of catering supplies on sale in the hopes that someone will buy them and then use them to feed us. That’s a win-win. A win-win-win, if you count the two wins for us. Which, of course you do! We’re friends, right? Just because it’s two for us and one for you doesn’t mean it’s not fair. We’ll get you back next time.

And now, to the deal-mobile!

Serving Trays

First. Serving trays! You can’t serve stuff without stuff to put it on. I always say.

catering supplies

You can put food on this!


Next! Sale ladles! My favorite thing to do with ladles is use them to pour stuff.  I’m pretty unique, though. Always have been.

sale ladle

There’s something about this ladle that strikes me as noble. That’s why I picked it for the image.

Chafing Dishes

Chafing dishes are essential for chafing. And by chafing I mean keeping food warm. Why are they called chafing dishes? I don’t know! But they are on sale. So let’s not quibble.

Update International 4 Qt Stainless Steel Rectangular Continental Chafer w/Welded Legs(CC-9P)

Imagine it filled with delicious macaroni and cheese. That’s what I’m doing.

Food Carriers

We also have several food carriers on sale!

Food carrier

Look at this thing carry food! I mean really.

Beverages get jealous when they see food getting carried around all fancy-like. That’s why we also have beverage carriers on sale! We like to be fair whenever possible.

beverage carrier

Hey beverages! Don’t get carried away! Unless it’s in one of these charming beverage carriers made by Cambro

Portion Servers AKA Spoodles

We also have portion servers on sale! Or spoodles as they are sometimes called.

I don’t want to know what happened the night the spoon and the ladle got together and created this utensil, because it’s unnatural and an abomination, but it sure turned out to be convenient.

portion server

Spoodle Sale! Yay!

Basting Spoons

Lastly! Basting spoons! Go ahead. Try to baste without one.

basting spoon

Basting spoons! Did I mention they’re on sale?

Well my lovely loves, that is all. I hope that I have fulfilled your desire for deals. And yet, I hope that your desire once again grows anew within one week’s time, because I will be back! Oh yes, I will. See you then!

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