FSW Weekly Deals: Supera! It’s Like Waffles.

Posted on August 23, 2013
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Greetings my little legends of Zelda, and welcome to the latest episode of FSW Weekly Deals! This week, I would like to inform you about a little brand we are now selling called Supera. Who is this “Supera,” you ask?

To start, they are makers of commercial refrigerators and other kitcheny items like fry cooks and griddles and suchlike. But, more than that, I say unto you: they are bastions of affordability in a world of ever increasing expenses. They are bulwarks of reliability in a land of Anthony Weiners. Citadels of durability in a throwaway economy! Fortresses of pragmatism in a universe of silly doodads! Am I out of synonyms for “bastion”? Oh no! Nice try, but not even close. Supera is a mainstay, a parapet, a tower of strength against the forces of evil and also, perhaps more appropriately, the forces of kitchen chaos, inertia and decay.

Do you think perhaps I go over the top?

No no. When it comes to the very apex of civilization (and by civilization I mean kitchen equipment) there simply is no top to go over.

What makes Supera so wonderful? So super? So swell, so sassy, so divine?

I’ll tell you using the best method I know: a silly metaphor. I’ve been solicited to write about waffles today, and because I’m highly impressionable I’m going to take that suggestion and run with it, right off a cliff, because my friends are doing it so I’m doing it too.

Supera is like waffles! In a 3 dreadfully important ways.

Way Number One: Both Supera and Waffles Are Way Affordable

waffle cat

Even adorable kittens can afford waffles.

The average waffle costs approximately 49 cents, according to recent figures calculated in my head. That is not much.

Now, let me share with you some figures that I did not calculate in my head, but rather lifted directly from our website where we sell stuff.

Consider Figure One:

supera undercounter

Figure One: Supera UR1R-1 Undercounter Refrigerator,
looking rather smart.
Can you guess how much?

If you guessed anything other than $921.00 you are wicked wrong. That’s right. 9-2-1. Do your eyes deceive you?

No, no they do not. Do I deceive you?

I can’t believe you would even suggest such a thing! I care about you, deal seekers. I would never pull the wool over your eyes. (Unless you needed help putting on a sweater.)

Now, that’s an undercounter refrigerator. Let’s take a few more examples.

Consider Figure Two:

supera gas fryer

Figure Two: Supera LCF3T-LP-1 LineCook Pro 40 Lb. Gas Fryer.
How much does it cost?
I’ll give you a hint: not that much.

The answer: $635.00.

Whoa! What was that? Did your mind just explode?

Lastly, I hit you with one more example. If your mind is even still intact enough to comprehend the words that I’m typing, here.

I submit to you: Exhibit C

(I know before they were figures but I changed it to exhibits and you cannot stop me)

supera charbroiler

Exhibit C: Supera LC24CB-1 LineCook Pro 24″ Gas Charbroiler.
Looks expensive, doesn’t it? BUT IT ISN’T. That’s the thing.

This beauteous charbroiler sells for the ridiculously low price of $582.00.

And now, I do believe I’ve made my point about affordability. Onward!

Way Number Two: Both Supera and Waffles Are Simple

Let me ask you: can you think of anything so simple and yet so perfectly complete as a waffle? That is what Supera is like, see. They know that when you buy a refrigerator, what you want essentially is a box that keeps stuff cold. (And for it to not break and not cause you extra headaches etc., but we’ll get to that.) So you can save money on all the bells and whistles that you don’t need and still get the job done. That is all. I’m going to leave it at that. Nice and simple.

Way Number Three: Both Supera and Waffles Are Reliable

Having a bad day? Waffles will not let you down. Ever. Guaranteed.

Have stuff that needs to get done in your kitchen? Likewise, Supera will not let you down. Ever. Guaranteed. (Fine print: I mean pretty much guaranteed. As guaranteed as things get these days. Don’t quote me on the technical aspects of warranties and whatnot, because I’m just a lowly blogger.)

My point is this: you don’t have to think too much about Supera. You can just buy what you need and then get back to making food. It won’t break down. Won’t explode unexpectedly. Won’t organize a mutiny along with your smallwares and rise up against you. These are things one should look for in kitchen equipment.

And that is all I have to say unto you about Supera today, my friends. To recap: they sell refrigeration, countertop cooking equipment and fryers. It’s way durable and super affordable. It’s a win-win.

And you can buy it right here: Supera.

Now until next week, I bid you adieu!





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