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Commercial Kitchen Design | The FSW Guide to Designing a Functional Kitchen

FSW Kitchen Design

When you decide to open up a restaurant, food costs, menu design, staffing needs, space and building costs and codes, and permits all have to be taken care of and thought out. But the most important area you have to consider when opening your restaurant is your kitchen. How is your kitchen going to flow? Follow our guide for tips throughout the entire kitchen design process, from receiving to waste management.

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How to Start a Concession Business

Posted on April 28, 2014
concession stand

Thinking of setting up your own concession business this summer? It may seem like a simple enough operation to run, but it's still a business. Set yourself up for success with all the proper planning in place. Follow these steps to develop a solid business plan and create an overall strategy for your latest food service venture.

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How to Cater a Party for 50

Posted on April 3, 2014
how to cater a party for 50

When you have a guest list of 50 people, it becomes a real catering event. If you have never provided food for such a large party before, it's important to make sure you have all the necessary details in place. But with a little know-how about how to cater, coupled with the proper planning, you can keep everything running smoothly for total guest satisfaction.

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How to Clean Your Manitowoc or Ice-o-Matic Ice Machine | Video

Posted on June 28, 2013
clean ice cubes

There's a long hot weekend just ahead. And with all the holiday traffic coming and going from lakes and campgrounds or BBQ's and bars, it's not a good time for your ice machine to shut down. It's easy to overlook routine maintenance when everything is running smoothly but, for those who have experienced it, there is a certain kind of hell that is associated with an ice machine busting during service. Hell hath no fury like an ice machine ...

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What Kind of Chafing Dish Do You Need? – Video

Posted on April 25, 2013
chafing dishes on buffet

You wouldn't expect a chafing dish to be a guest's nemesis, but it is possible. As living proof of this observation, I'll share a little story. At a fancy-pants event a while back, I found myself in line for an opulent buffet. As I scooped up a serving with the large serving spoon, I knocked the lid of the chafing dish off its perch and watched it slam into the delicate appetizer display nearby. As pieces of bite-size bruschetta went flying, ...

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