How to Add Snacks to Your Menu for Increased Profitability

Posted on March 21, 2012
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Recent research by Technomic has shown that snackage is on the rise in the U.S. of A. Compared to just 25% two years ago, 48% of Americans report that they indulge in between-meal snacking twice a day. Not only that, but increasingly consumers are getting their snacks at a restaurant rather than at home or a convenient store. So, if you haven’t added snacks to your menu already, it’s time to cash in! Here are three tips on how to create a snack menu for increased profitability.

Tip One: Create your snack menu from ingredients you already stock in your kitchen.

You want your snack menu to maintain continuity with your restaurant’s concept. The cheapest and easiest way to do this is to concoct your snacks from foods you already keep on hand for your regular menu. This will give your snack menu a narrower focus as well as be both cost and time effective.

Tip Two: Only offer your snack menu during off-peak hours.

This serves two purposes: first, it will give your snack menu that air of exclusivity that will keep customers’ interest and desire fresh as time goes on. Second, it will ensure that diners who want to order entrees aren’t turned away because tables are filled with patrons who only want to buy your less-profitable fares. This will keep your profits rising and your servers happy too.

Tip Three: Not sure what to sell? Ask your customers!

Utilize your Facebook and Twitter account (If you don’t have Facebook or Twitter, we highly recommend you sign up! Click here to download our white paper on Social Media Marketing in the Bar) to find out what your customers be willing to spend money on. Come up with a few items that you can make from your ingredients and create a survey to find out what would be the most popular. You can also run certain items as specials to test them out before you add them to a permanent menu.

Looking for a small oven to use for snack-making? Check these inexpensive options out.

Looking for more information about how to create a snack menu? Click here to read more.

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