How to Manage a Bar During the Holidays

Serving Beer in Beer Mugs

When it comes to the holidays, the bar scene can get pretty busy. From pub crawls and drink specials to keeping the regulars AND newcomers happy, it seems that a bartender could lose his mind fairly quickly. But if you’re a bartender or the owner of a bar, you probably have a few tricks up your sleeve. John and Rachael had the opportunity to sit down with Weston Wallace, a veteran bartender at Denver’s own Streets of London Pub , to see how a veteran staff handles the holidays.

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Chef David Luna Talks Tarts & Pastry

Posted on September 8, 2014
Pastry Chef David Luna Holding a Tart

Have you ever found yourself attempting to make the perfect tart, yet the dough just doesn't have the right consistency? We talked to Pastry Chef David Luna about baking, business, and making the perfect summer tart. Read on...

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Honey, Mead, and Beekeeping: FSW Talks with A Bee Friendly Company

Michael Jordan aka The Bee Whisperer of A Bee Friendly Company

At first glance, it might not seem like beekeeping has much to do with food production. But, it has more impact than you might think. Without bees, we wouldn’t be able to grow food, or much of anything else. We got a chance to talk to Michael Jordan a.k.a. The Bee Whisperer of A Bee Friendly Company in Cheyenne, WY to get the scoop on beekeeping, honey, and homemade mead. Yes, Michael Jordan is his real name. Rachael Moyte: How long have ...

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We Love our Chicken Fried: Rachael Tremaine Talks The Cluck Truck

The Cluck Truck

When Rachael Tremaine decided to open a food truck business, she brought Southern hospitality and a passion for home cookin’ to the streets of Denver. I had a chance to sit down with Rachael to see how The Cluck Truck came to be, where it’s going, and what makes her chicken so finger lickin’ good.

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Ice Cream Riot’s Jim McNutt Talks Business

Jim McNutt of Ice Cream Riot

What happens when a regular guy from Philly opens a killer ice cream shop in Denver? He gets a solid set of regulars and an interview proposition by yours truly. As a new found addict of Ice Cream Riot and its nothing-short-of-awesome variety of ice cream flavors, I wanted to see what made this place so good and get some firsthand business advice from the ice cream master himself, Jim McNutt.

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