Restaurant Marketing

Easy Money! The 5 Best Bar Holidays and How to Promote Them

Posted on August 5, 2013
Bar Holidays

Not everyone needs an excuse to drink. For years bar operators have been relying on non-excuse making Wednesday type drinkers to keep their books in the black. However, there are some occasions on which the semi-drinkers like to come out in droves and the regular drinkers bask in the sweet power of Bacchus with even greater alacrity. These are the red letter days of the bar world, days for which the wise bar owner is well-prepared. So, ...

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Marketing to Teens in the Restaurant


School is out for the summer and that means that the members of that fearsome group known by anthropologists as "teens" have been let loose upon the streets of America. "Lord help us," you may be thinking. But do not despair! Despite the dangers associated with the hormonal uncertainty of these beings, for restaurant owners it's actually good news. Why should you market your restaurant to teenagers? Consider the following: Tee...

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5 Restaurant Take-Out Promo Ideas for Cold Nights

Posted on January 21, 2013
Take Out

Brrrr. It's been cold out there. And when it's cold, I feel inspired to grab some take out, curl up under a warm blanket and watch my favorite shows with a comforting bowl of pasta or maybe a hot and spicy curry. Whatever I'm craving I know I just want to have it waiting for me. I want to go home, relax and feel cozy for the rest of the evening. And I'm not alone. Take advantage of the weather and offer your customers something ...

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Top 5 Football Promotions for Pizza Delivery

Posted on January 15, 2013

There's no better combination than pizza and football. If you offer pizza on your menu, it's time to consider rolling in some delivery promotional deals for pigskin season. For the most guaranteed success, it's best to keep your promotion simple and appealing. Let's take a look at some winning football promotions for pizza delivery and how you can incorporate them into your business plan. 5. The Great Giveaway The Shtick:  In 2012 ...

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How to Promote a Weekly Menu in Your Restaurant

Posted on January 7, 2013
Lunch Menu

2013 has finally come and (surprise!) we're all still here. Global cataclysmic events be damned, we're all still here. And in light of a fresh start for the new year, how about starting a new marketing idea  in your restaurant - drum roll please... Promote a weekly menu. If you comb the Internets this time of year, you're likely to see all sorts of motivational material on how to get back in shape, stay organized, improve time managem...

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