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Making the Most of April Fools’ Day in the Restaurant

April's Fools Prank

I'll be the first to admit that I am probably one of the more gullible people I know. This can be a problem on days like today, April Fools Day, when people take advantage of souls like mine that just aren't quite as adept at picking out the untruths in even the most unbelievable stories. However, I will say that I do get a good laugh out of the witty things people come up with, especially if it's a large scale prank. Today, I've rounded up ...

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5 Ways to Market Your Restaurant for the Holidays

Posted on November 29, 2010
Holiday Themed Restaurant

Five industry tips and tricks to help you market your restaurant this holiday season.

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Go Local and Build Staying Power

Posted on November 24, 2010

Speaking as someone who watched the television program Cheers in the late 1980s, I definitely prefer to visit a local establishment “where everybody knows your name." The impression of the television show’s bar and restaurant was that it had been around for many years, building staying power with local patrons. This kind of investment in people can help ensure a successful business, especially when it involves food and drink.

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How To Promote Your Catering Business Online

Posted on November 22, 2010

In today’s world of internet-this and smartphone-that, it takes more than just good food to help grow your business. When you’re trying to find ways to promote your catering business, consider the power of the internet to help you thrive.

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How Halloween Bar Crawls Can Boost Restaurant Sales

Zombie Bar Crawl

Last weekend, Denver, Colorado proved this rarity wrong by hosting one of the biggest, scariest Halloween events in the city—and it involved a lot of restaurants. Even riding public transportation downtown, one could tell something strange was going on. Men and women of all ages were grouped together, dressed in ragged shirts and torn pants, hair matted, and—this was the strangest part—covered in ghostly white make-up, scars, and oozing blood. Don’t be alarmed. From the amateur make-up jobs on many of them, and the lingering bright red hue, it was pretty clear that it was fake blood. Plus, most of them were laughing and having fun. I essentially found myself on a train with a bunch of social, excited zombies, and before long, I realized they weren’t out for brains. They were out for booze.

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