Sweet Supplies for Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 1, 2012
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Heart Shaped Mold

It happens every Valentine’s Day. Boxes of chocolates, cuddly teddy bears and heart-shaped balloons crowd the aisles of grocery stores and candy shops, appealing to all the passing romantic softies and doe-eyed lovers as they pass by. For many, this is the time of year to renew romantic affections with demonstrations of love in the form of a sweet, heart-shaped gifts, hand-written love sonnetsand perhaps a fancy dinner out. As a result, fine dining and  casual restaurants often see increased volume during this holiday, what with romantics vying for that memorable candlelit dinners and molten chocolate  dessert.

Then there are those who prefer creating their own Valentine’s memories at home. A homemade dinner and a romantic movie might be just the thing to make her smile, or make him remember all the reasons he thinks you’re special.

Valentine’s Day is truly what you make of it. And if you’re crafty or creative in the kitchen, you’re in luck! There are several specialty tools perfect for creating that cuddly, heart-shaped feel in your very own kitchen–or at the very least, have a good time while you try. We’ve outlined sure-fire strategies and basic kitchen so you can make your Valentine’s Day the best it can be!

Mold your love into chocolate. Make a memory with heart-shaped chocolate molds. Homemade candy can be customized, makes a fun impression and says “you’re special!” without all the hassle of mysterious boxed chocolates (no one likes those cherry-filled ones, anyway!).

Follow your heart…and your melon. Why should chocolate have all the fun? Use a heart-shaped scoop to create lovely shapes of melon for a display, or simply use it as a tool for scooping treats on top of ice cream sundaes.

Dress the table for the occasion. Especially if you plan to host a party, festive plastic table cloths make a great addition to Valentine’s Day decorations. The festive colors and shapes can enhance the loving spirit, and catch a few spilled dollops of whipped cream in the process.

Melt hearts with frozen ice sculptures. For something really unique, go for an ice sculpture mold. Miniature ice sculptures make the perfect centerpieces for buffet tables or even candlelit dinners, so long as those flames of passion don’t get too near to the frosty decor.

Long stemmed roses? Try a dozen cupcakes. Though cupcakes gained widespread appeal back in 2010, who doesn’t still love a cupcake in 2012? Cupcakes are easy to customize to your Valentine’s tastes, and these heart-shape cake pans make all the difference when it comes to presenting your affections in the form of food.

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