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Countertop Griddles: Small Kitchen & Catering Ideas | Video

Featured image of blueberry pancakes from Smitten Kitchen Countertop Griddles: The Expert Opinion We  met up with Christopher Kasik, the special markets/culinary manager for Cadco, LTD and asked him to demonstrate the key details of Cadco's line of countertop griddles. Cadco offers both cast iron and glass top griddles, both of  which are known for excellent ...

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Do You Use an Induction Range?

When I was little my grandmother would tell me: "A watched pot never boils." Obviously my grams didn't know about induction cooking. If she did, she would know that the pot of water would boil, and boil fast, whether I watched it or not. Do you use an induction range in your kitchen? (more…)

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Waffle Week is Here!

Did you know that the second week in September is nationally recognized as Waffle Week?  This is a fun time of year to celebrate the pillowy checkers of syrup-holding  pockets, and it is also a great way to kick off an easy to add item or limited time offer to your menu. Cost effective and easy to make, waffle menu items are a great way to expand your menu ...

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