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Ask Keegan: How Do You Choose Knives and Maintain Them?

The latest installment from our Ask Keegan series explores how celebrity chef and restaurant owner, Chef Keegan Gerhard, chooses and maintains his knives. Hungry for more?  Check out  How Do You Choose and Maintain Knives in the Food Service Warehouse Education Center.

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FSW Weekly Deals! 10% Off Select Cutlery

Greetings! And welcome back to the latest installment of FSW Weekly Deals. This week I am delighted to announce that we have an excellent cutlery sale going on now through the end of February! Almost, but not quite, all of our QuickShip Cutlery is now 10% off. It's like pretty much all 10% off. So much so that I feel like I should be able to use the term "all," ...

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Product of the Week! Dexter-Russell 10″ Chef’s Knife

After a brief sabbatical we are back and better than ever with a brand new multi-annual Product of the Week! Today we present this Dexter-Russell Chef's Knife, which features 10 inches of glorious cutting power. Chef's knives are the work horse of the kitchen. With heavy blades, thick spines and a slight curve they are the easiest tool to use for most prepar...

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Stay Sharp! A Quick Guide to Knife Sharpening

A sharp knife is a useful knife. Many chefs, home and professional alike, ignore or put off this task in shy reluctance to its perceived danger or tediousness. But knife sharpening isn't that dangerous and if done correctly, it's not all that tedious either. Prolong the life of your sharp investment and keep your most important kitchen tool in fine working ...

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Cracking Lobsters and Taking Names

The best things in life often require a bit of blood, sweat and tears. Lobsters, those tender little crustaceans, are surely one of those things for which hard work totally pays off. They can seem daunting when they show up on your plate, complete with exoskeletons and those beady little eyes with a look that says, "Go ahead, just try to get in." How do you get out ...

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