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You Asked, Keegan Answered: How to Calibrate a Thermometer

A thermometer is a valuable tool to have in any kitchen. Many recipes list precise internal cooking temperatures, and there's really no way to nail the recipe without knowing this information as you go. And speaking of nailing it, how do you know that your thermometer is showing the right temperature? The answer to this is: calibration. That's right, you need to ...

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Waffle Week is Here!

Did you know that the second week in September is nationally recognized as Waffle Week?  This is a fun time of year to celebrate the pillowy checkers of syrup-holding  pockets, and it is also a great way to kick off an easy to add item or limited time offer to your menu. Cost effective and easy to make, waffle menu items are a great way to expand your menu ...

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Product of the Week! Update International 12″ Tongs

What can you get for a dollar, these days? Not terribly much BUT you can get these Update International 12" kitchen tongs! For 99 cents even. Technically, that's LESS than a dollar. I spend more than that on coffee every single day. We've gotten to know each other over these past few weeks, and I know what you're thinking. What's so special about these tongs? ...

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Product of the Week! Dexter-Russell 10″ Chef’s Knife

After a brief sabbatical we are back and better than ever with a brand new multi-annual Product of the Week! Today we present this Dexter-Russell Chef's Knife, which features 10 inches of glorious cutting power. Chef's knives are the work horse of the kitchen. With heavy blades, thick spines and a slight curve they are the easiest tool to use for most prepar...

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Cracking Lobsters and Taking Names

The best things in life often require a bit of blood, sweat and tears. Lobsters, those tender little crustaceans, are surely one of those things for which hard work totally pays off. They can seem daunting when they show up on your plate, complete with exoskeletons and those beady little eyes with a look that says, "Go ahead, just try to get in." How do you get out ...

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