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8 Ways to Sell More Soup and Chili in Your Restaurant

As the weather gets colder customers are on the lookout for something warm, cozy and comforting...

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How to Build a Bar Food Menu

Are you thinking about building a bar food menu in your business? Check out these pro tips to help you get started!

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Basic Types of Red and White Wine

For some, knowing that there are two major types of wine–red and white–is sufficient. Does it get people drunk? Check. Does it taste like rotten grapes? Check. Wine. Done. However, there are many varietals of both red and white wine and inquiring minds would like to know more. Unfortunately, wine often comes with the stigma of holier-than-thou nectar restric...

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How to Soup up Your Menu

Looking for a way to get your customers to spend a little bit more cash when they visit? A new study by Technomic leads me to suggest adding soup to your menu, or, if you already have it on your menu, making more varieties and promoting it more. According to the study, the percentage of respondents who occasionally order soup is up to 62% from 43% just two years ...

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How to Add Snacks to Your Menu for Increased Profitability

Recent research by Technomic has shown that snackage is on the rise in the U.S. of A. Compared to just 25% two years ago, 48% of Americans report that they indulge in between-meal snacking twice a day. Not only that, but increasingly consumers are getting their snacks at a restaurant rather than at home or a convenient store. So, if you haven’t added snacks to your ...

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