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Alternative School Lunch Programs

There are many factors that contribute to the difficulty of serving healthy school lunches, and the latest news on pink slime doesn’t bode well for the nation’s children. Despite the difficulties, there are several programs around the nation that have helped schools implement programs that not only serve healthy food, but help teach children important lessons ...

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President’s Day Menu Specials

This Monday, February 20, marks the day we celebrate the commanders in chief of the United States. Serve up a piece of Americana this Monday with menu specials themed after presidential favorites. "I Cannot Tell a Lie Pie" In elementary schools across America, first grade students learn about the importance of honesty and how a six-year-old George Washington ...

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Pumpkin, Acorn, Butternut…oh my!

Fall is settling in across the country. The season's fickle weather is changing carpets of lawn into quilts of leaves, and in some areas white fluffy snowflakes have begun to flutter in a cautionary dance, teasing us to prepare for the cold of winter. With these autumnal cues dimming the switch on daylight savings, varieties of squash are piling in. There are ...

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New 2011 Dietary Guidelines

The new 2011 dietary guidelines have been revealed, will they affect your restaurant's menu? (more…)

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