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Dessert Ideas & More! | Weekly Round Up

What are your plans this weekend? Working or playing? I'm hoping to whip up one or two of the dessert ideas we found this week. (more…)

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Fusion Confusion: Experiencing Fusion Cuisine

Today's guest blog is by Samantha Samonte who writes for Culinary One, a blog about food and all its scrumptious glory. She spends the rest of her time guest blogging for other websites. Since the 16th century, fusing ingredients among cultures has been a culinary practice. While it has been common practice for centuries, fusing one’s cultural recipe with ...

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Save Money and Make This Yourself…

The rising cost of food is putting a healthy dent in commercial and home chef's wallets (and pantries.) At times it seems as though we are all at the mercy of an ever changing market...or are we? There are quite a few staple recipes that will help you save money at the grocery store, and the majority of the recipes take little to no time at all. Let's take a ...

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Cooking With Garlic, Glorious Garlic

My lessons usually start off by going over the menu and order of things we’ll prepare. Then once we get going, some technique is covered… primarily with garlic preparation being #1. Yes, garlic is an integral taste component in many dishes and sure, it gives a depth of flavor but it is completely coincidental that it ends up in every dish I make. Fine, I’ll ...

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Summer Salad Recipe Idea: Thai Cucumber Salad

It's just about that time of year to start finding summer salad recipe ideas. Whether from a friend or out of the Food section of the newspaper, new food is good food. Now bear in mind I never follow said recipe the way it was written. Ever. I’m always thinking of some way to make it mine. Maybe take out an ingredient I don’t care for. Add something to give it ...

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