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Supera Steals: Oven Mitt

Here FSW, we know your kitchen can be pure chaos, but we also want you to remember: safety first! Hours of work, your fingerprints, and your work space all could have been saved if you would have just taken one second to reach for a 17” Terry Cloth Oven Mitt from Supera!

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Supera Storytime: Goldilocks and the Three Fryers

As a kid, my favorite bedtime story was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In fact, I loved it so much that I made my parents read it to me at least once a week. Recently I began to wonder, what has she been up to lately? After a little bit of research, I tracked Goldie down and discovered that she took to a path of entrepreneurship. It turns out that after years under the spotlight, Goldie took her fame and fortune and decided to open her own burger joint. Things were looking great for her, until one night...

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Supera Glass Door Merchandisers: A Brief History Lesson

One of the best kept secrets throughout history has been the Supera Glass Door Merchandiser. I know it seems crazy, but I’ve got quite the squad to back it up, and they all agree that Supera is hero when it comes to refrigeration.

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Supera Water Filters: The Joy of Clean Water

I’m here to tell you about the joys of water filtration. But first, please indulge me by listening to my story. Growing up, my dad worked nights. That meant during summer vacation, my sister and I could do whatever we wanted so long as we didn’t wake him up. While my goal was to watch as much TV as I possibly could, my sister decided she wanted to spend ...

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Free Shipping on Supera Kitchen Equipment!

You may have woke up this morning, looked in the mirror and asked yourself: "Self, what goes better with ridiculously affordable and unflinchingly reliable commercial kitchen equipment?" (more…)

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