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Surviving the Holidays with Supera

Twas a month before Christmas, and in the back of the house, a lone chef was prepping some fresh Brussel sprouts. He sliced and he diced with extra fine care, while the fresh smell of veggies hung in the air. With so much to prep for this holiday era, all the tools he needed he got from Supera. While clicking to add new things to his cart, the fast quick-ship option set Supera apart.

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Supera Storytime: Humpty Dumpty’s Guide to Janitorial Supplies

As many times as the tale of Humpty Dumpty has been told, there's a small crack in the narrative—what happened after he fell off the wall and shattered into pieces? Seriously, did they just leave all of the scraps there and let Mother Nature do her work? Because that doesn’t sound like a good (or sanitary) idea to us. Someone could slip and fall, other eggs would be devastated to see a fallen friend, and we’re not even going to get into how Humpty’s family felt. With a growing concern and curiosity, we met up with Mother Goose to get the deets. So pull up a seat and open your ears because it’s Supera Story Time!

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Supera Steals: 4-Pocket Cotton Blend Waist Apron

Simple additions such as this 4-Pocket Cotton Blend Waist Apron from Supera will surely sharpen up the appearance of your servers in a matter of seconds! And it doesn’t stop there - this half-length waist apron will also help keep your staff organized thanks to three large pockets and one small pen pocket. This provides enough space for server books, check books, note pads and more! If you want your staff to have a seamless appearance, dressing them up in a machine washable apron is definitely an investment worth making.

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Supera Steals: Oven Mitt

Here FSW, we know your kitchen can be pure chaos, but we also want you to remember: safety first! Hours of work, your fingerprints, and your work space all could have been saved if you would have just taken one second to reach for a 17” Terry Cloth Oven Mitt from Supera!

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Supera Storytime: Goldilocks and the Three Fryers

As a kid, my favorite bedtime story was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In fact, I loved it so much that I made my parents read it to me at least once a week. Recently I began to wonder, what has she been up to lately? After a little bit of research, I tracked Goldie down and discovered that she took to a path of entrepreneurship. It turns out that after years under the spotlight, Goldie took her fame and fortune and decided to open her own burger joint. Things were looking great for her, until one night...

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