Top 10 Tips for BBQ Catering

Posted on April 30, 2013
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Holy Moly it’s almost May! It’s so close to May I can smell it. What does May smell like, you ask?

It smells like freedom. Freedom from snow. Freedom from school. Freedom from having to cook indoors. There is only one thing that can rejuvenate us after our long, bitter months of suffering: tender meats slathered in sauce and lovingly cooked over an open flame.

In short: barbecue.

In even shorter: BBQ.

Top Ten Tips for BBQ Catering

What with the sun coming out and graduation and Memorial Day just around the corner, barbecue events will soon be popping up like spring flowers. Or toast. Or weasels. Or math quizzes in dread Mr. Bitterman’s 2nd period class.

For those of you in the catering biz, we’ve compiled this here list of tips for a successful BBQ catering program. Though this article is geared toward caterers, useful tips for the home cook and the professional alike will be found therein.

BBQ Catering

Learn Our Top Ten Tips for BBQ Catering!

In this article you will learn: how to turn a grill into a smoker, why you should experiment with different kinds of wood, and why you should never stab your meat. Happy reading and meat-eating! Read it here: Top 10 Tips for BBQ Catering

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