10 Must Have Products for Restaurants that Want to Serve Breakfast

Posted on November 19, 2010
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Over the past two weeks, the FSW Blog Network has focused a lot on breakfast in the restaurant industry. Indeed, we’ve talked about pretty much every hot topic for restaurants that want to or already serve breakfast. The only thing missing, is a list of products for those establishments that either want to start serving breakfast or that need to replace some of their breakfast equipment or supplies. Without further ado, here is a list of 10 breakfast products that every commercial kitchen will need if they want to have a successful first meal of the day:

1. Griddle

A griddle is the go-to piece of equipment for making breakfast items. The griddle can be either a countertop griddle or a restaurant range with griddle top. Either way, hash browns, bacon, eggs, pancakes, sausage, all of these items can be cooked on the griddles flat surface. In fact, you don’t have to use one griddle per item. If the griddle plate is big enough, you can fry bacon right next to the hash browns.

2. Coffee Maker

Coffee is an essential breakfast item for a majority of diners, so be sure to equip your restaurant with a commercial coffee maker that has enough capacity to meet your customer traffic.

3. Toaster

What would breakfast be like without toast? It’d be incomplete, if you ask me. In the commercial toaster category, you can select the standard pop-up toasters, toaster ovens or high capacity conveyor toasters. The conveyor toasters are ideal for establishments that need hundreds to thousands of slices of toast in an hour.

4. Panini Grill

In a previous blog post, convenience and portability were mentioned as two essential ingredients for a successful breakfast operation, and there are few things more convenient than a bacon and egg sandwich that has been toasted to perfection with a panini grill. Panini sandwiches are a popular lunchtime item, too.

5. Waffle Baker

Waffles are another favored breakfast item. Some people prefer the taste of waffles to that of pancakes, and it is pretty fun to fill each individual square on a waffle with syrup. Luckily,we have waffle makers that can make any size, shape and style of waffle.

6. Espresso Machine

With rise of premium coffee, a lot of customers aren’t satisfied with a plain old cup of Joe anymore. To answer this demand, a lot of restaurants that serve breakfast have espresso machines on hand to whip up something a little fancier. Some restaurants even have enough coffee equipment to qualify as a coffee shop.

7. Juicer

Fresh-squeezed orange juice beats juice from concentrate any day of the week. Even people who don’t like pulp (like me) can overlook this small defect in favor of freshly squeezed juice. Smaller breakfast operations should be able to get by with a manual juicer, but large-scale breakfast eateries will need an electric juicer to keep up with demand.

8. Coffee Mugs

Sit down establishments will need to have enough coffee mugs on hand to satisfy the customers who need a morning caffeine fix. It also helps to have some coffee-to-go supplies for customers that want to provide coffee for their entire office.

9. Egg Ring

When making eggs on a griddle, the whites can sometimes get a little carried away and spread out too far. An egg ring will help contain the egg into a specific area and will make it perfectly round. Egg rings are especially good for egg sandwiches, so the egg isn’t too big for the bread.

10. Juice Glasses

Most restaurants that serve breakfast have a full complement of juice glasses on hand. Since juice is a more expensive beverage than soda, juice glasses usually have smaller capacity than regular beverage glasses, so restaurants don’t lose money on half-drank glasses of juice.

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