Last Minute 4th of July Party Supplies

Posted on June 25, 2014
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Independence Day is right around the corner. Did it catch you by surprise? June just started, didn’t it? If you plan on hosting or catering a party this year, it’s getting crazy close to having all your details dialed in. Don’t sweat it, procrastinators – we have you covered on all of the last minute 4th of July party supplies! Our product experts have rounded up an amazing selection of hand-picked, summer-holiday approved favorites with most selections shipping directly from our Quick Ship Center.

To see our whole list of 4th of July picks, click here.

A few of our favorite products this year are:

 4th of July Catering 

tiki torch fuel

Don’t forget to fuel up the Tiki torches! Tiki torches scream summer. The citronella helps ward off pesky mosquitos, while the light emitted adds the perfect touch of ambiance to events.


4th of July Cooking

melon baller

These watermelon ballers make creative culinary presentations so much easier. And how can you celebrate the 4th without eating watermelon? This baller creates perfect little spheres of cantaloupe and honeydew too.

P.S. Watermelon bowls are never out of style.

4th of July Drinkware

Where there is BBQ, there will be beer… And lemonade, iced tea, fruit cocktails, and every other beverage you can imagine… Refreshing and simple drink recipes, such as this Berry Splash, look absolutely splendid on display in a clear pitcher.

clear pitcher


This year freedom is spelled Q-U-I-C-K-S-H-I-P. Get the 4th of July gear you need and make it a magical event this year!



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