6 Tips for Hosting a New Years Eve Party at Your Bar

Posted on December 17, 2010
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New Year's Eve Party

New Years Eve is upon us once again, and a lot of people will be hitting the bar scene to ring in the new year. There are some bars that don’t do much to celebrate the new year, and those bars don’t see much of a crowd. Bars that are known for throwing great New Years Eve parties, on the other hand, will actually have to turn people away. Here are some helpful tips that will make sure your bar’s New Years Eve party will be remembered for the next twelve months:

  1. Sell tickets to the party. New Years Eve is synonymous with going out and partying, and bars can quickly reach or exceed capacity. If there are too many people, it can dampen everyone’s enjoyment. Selling tickets is a way to assure that the crowd is not too big. This also lets you know how many people to expect.
  2. Keep the kitchen open all night. People like to drink on New Years, a lot. Though I may sound like a kill-joy saying that you need to provide your guests with food to keep them from getting too drunk, but partying on an empty stomach is no fun for anyone. Setting up a buffet is the easiest way to give guests something to soak up the alcohol.
  3. Bring in some live entertainment. What’s a New Years Eve party without music? Pretty boring, if you ask me. Bringing in a band or DJ is a way to sell all of your party tickets and assure that guests have a great time.
  4. Give out party favors. Hats that say “Happy New Years,” noise makers, horns and party poppers are among the most popular favors given out on New Years. The favors add a little more fun to the festivities. There are whole websites, like newyearfavors.com, that provide all the little fun do-dads for a New Years Eve party.
  5. Show the Times Square ball drop. Watching the ball drop in Times Square is a New Years tradition that is celebrated around the country. With time-lapse video, people who aren’t on the east coast can still watch the ball drop and do the countdown, so be sure to have every TV tuned in. Also, you will want to get on the microphone and warn guests at regular intervals (starting at five minutes to midnight) that the countdown to the new year is about to begin.
  6. Don’t forget the bubbly. Along with the countdown and watching the Times Square ball drop, a champagne toast is another time-honored tradition. In order to eliminate glass breakage, a lot of bars use plastic champagne glasses for the toast.

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