What’s New Wednesday: 18″ Swing Glass Door Countertop Merchandiser

Posted on June 10, 2015
18" Swing Glass Door Countertop Merchandiser

You can now have the convenience of a glass door merchandiser while saving valuable floor space with the Swing Glass Door Countertop Merchandiser from Supera. This countertop GDM can help your business offer more product in the Front of House or make it easier for customers to get to grab-and-go items.

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Weekly Round-Up: Ticketing & Dining Reservations

FSW Dining Reservations

Last week, a restaurant in San Francisco debuted a new prepaid ticketing system that requires customers to pay for their meals before they actually enter the building. It’s the latest in restaurant reservations, and is modeled in a similar fashion to movie theaters where patrons purchase tickets in advance.

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What’s New Wednesday: Supera 48″ Glass Door Back Bar Cooler

Supera Back Bar Cooler

Do you want to make counting your bottle inventory easier? Or make sure the beer your customer ordered is ice cold the moment you serve it? Whatever the reason, Supera’s newest product, the 48” Glass Door Back Bar Cooler can help.

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Weekly Round-Up: What is Foodspotting?

Posted on May 29, 2015
iPhone Photo of Food

Have you ever heard of Foodspotting? It’s a great app that allows your customers to recommend specific dishes at your restaurant, along with photos! This site turns customer food photography into a great way to market not just your business, but the best dishes on your menu. Read on.

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5 Critical Questions to Ask When Starting a Concessions Stand

Posted on May 26, 2015
FSW Popcorn Cotton Candy Concessions Stand

Concessions has the flexibility that a brick-and-mortar joint doesn’t. However, even though concessions is one piece of the pie that makes up the whole foodservice industry, the decision to open a concessions stand is still a business decision. If you’re considering opening up a concessions business, make sure you’ve answered these five questions first. Read on.

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