Why a Commercial Refrigerator Belongs in a Commercial Kitchen

Posted on March 9, 2011
Supera Refrigerator

The other day I was surveying my home refrigerator and wishing, really wishing, that I had a commercial refrigerator instead of a home refrigerator. It’s funny how quickly refrigerator space just disappears when you live in an apartment and you have a huge appetite. I feel like every time I come home from a grocery run, I have to pry open new spaces between old bottles of salad dressing and stacks of leftovers in reusable containers. I ...

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Rising Food Prices

Food Prices

Restaurant owners, grocery store managers, consumers, anybody who's paying attention when the buy food has noticed that food prices have been increasing over the last couple of years, and the trend isn't slowing. The USDA expects food prices to jump between three and four percent this year. (Source) What’s Causing The Price Increase? If you listen to the news, there are a handful of reasons for the rising food prices. Increasing ...

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Tips for Raising Prices on Your Restaurant Menu

Posted on March 2, 2011
Menu Prices

This year, restaurant menu prices are expected to increase from 2.5 to 3%. (Source) In fact, a recent poll of restaurant owners and managers popped this question: “Is your restaurant raising prices because of higher food costs?” Here are the results: 70.99% = Yes 21.6% = No 7.41% = I don’t know (Source) The rising cost of items like coffee, beef, milk, bread and seafood are hitting restaurants hard. Unfortunately, ...

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10 Tips to Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Green


You know it's important to keep your commercial kitchen functioning at peak performance. But how green is your operation? Restaurants trends for 2011 are leaning toward sustainable, organic menu items, and concepts like saving water and reducing energy go hand in hand. Here's a reminder of good energy-saving habits that you can implement, or maybe start back up again in 2011.

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Gluten-Free: A Trend that will Continue to Grow

Posted on February 18, 2011
Gluten Free Sign

When you have gluten intolerance, it’s hard to call gluten-free dining a trend; it’s a requirement. The trend that’s been happening over the past few years is more and more food service establishments offering gluten-free menu items.

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