Making the Most of April Fools’ Day in the Restaurant

Posted on April 1, 2011
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April's Fools Prank

We know a lot about pranks here at FSW

I’ll be the first to admit that I am probably one of the more gullible people I know. This can be a problem on days like today, April Fools Day, when people take advantage of souls like mine that just aren’t quite as adept at picking out the untruths in even the most unbelievable stories. However, I will say that I do get a good laugh out of the witty things people come up with, especially if it’s a large scale prank. Today, I’ve rounded up some of the more memorable or interesting restaurant-themed April Fool’s Day jokes, pranks and stories from history and even today. Whether or not they had you fooled, they might still give you a laugh.

The Taco Liberty Bell. In 1996, Taco Bell announced that it had purchased the Liberty Bell, and would soon rename the historic remnant the Taco Liberty Bell. Calls from outraged citizens flooded into the National Historic Park in Philadelphia. People calmed down once they realized it was nothing but a practical joke. This prank makes the top ten of several lists of best April Fools Day pranks ever played. (Source)

The Left-Handed Whopper. In 1998, Burger King published a full-page ad in USA Today promoting its new product, the “Left-Handed Whopper.” According to the ad, this burger had the same ingredients as their original Whopper, except all the ingredients were rotated 180-degrees to better suit the 32 million left-handed Americans out there. Burger King revealed the hoax the following day, even though countless guests flocked into the restaurants for their own left-handed (and even special right-handed) burgers. (Source)

The Whistling Carrot. The UK grocery store chain, Tesco, published an ad in 2002 saying that it would sell special, genetically modified carrots. The carrots were apparently developed to include tapered air holes, much like a tea-kettle. Thus, the carrots would whistle once they were finished cooking. (Source)

Organic Air. In 2009, Whole Foods boasted their brand new product, “Organic Air.” This actually looked pretty believable, and they even marketing different scents (or would it be flavors?): Original, Sea Breeze, Mountain Wind and Salt & Vinegar. The ad suggests a price of $6.99 for a 0.02 oz bottle. (Source)

Outrageous Coffee Sizes. On April 1, 2010, Starbucks was able to laugh at itself with their introduction of  the fake coffee sizes, the 2-oz “Micra” and the 128-oz “Plenta.” That’s a shot of coffee, and a gallon of coffee, respectively. (Source)

Burrito Chain to ReBrand as “Chipdoba.” The Boston-based burrito chain, Boloco, announced a press release today that they would be changing up their menu offerings as well as changing their name. Now focusing purely on Mexican-inspired eats, they will change their name from Boloco to Chipdoba, fusing two competitors’ names and mimicking their menus. The CEO confesses, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?”  (Source)

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