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Handling Egos in the Kitchen: Too Many Generals and Not Enough Soldiers

When egos are inflated on a team, the results often lead to employee discord and loss in annual revenue. It is estimated that $1.1 billion on average is lost every year as a result of egotistical behavior in business. Self-centered attitudes can find a way to wedge into every meeting, interview, conversation and decision under your restaurant roof. This will create moments of poor decision-making and will potentially impact every component of your business, from quality of service to the bottom dollar. Avoid a clash of the titans in your restaurant and implement these strategies to handling egos in the commercial kitchen:

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Proper Fruit and Produce Washing

You know those pictures of worms traipsing through apples? Yeah, that can really happen. All fresh produce, even organic, can harbor residual pesticides, dirt or harmful microorganisms on the surface. Considering the amount of veggies that are served raw, washing is the only way to remove these potential health hazards.

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Catering Christmas and Holiday Parties

The holiday season is the most profitable time of year for the majority of catering businesses. While wedding caterers find themselves booked through the summer months, almost every catering business will be contracted for a holiday party. Pleasing your clients isn't rocket (flying reindeer?) science. If your catering is deemed a success, there is a good ...

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How to Create a Thanksgiving Menu for Your Restaurant

Americans are eating more and more of their meals at restaurants. This includes eating out during Thanksgiving. See how you can increase business by staying open this Thanksgiving. Read on...

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How to Cater a Small Party of 25

Whether you are just starting your business or simply want to cater a friend’s get-together, a little help goes a long way when it comes to catering a small party. Read on for tips on how to make your small party a hit!

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