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Cooking Lesson: Tiramisu Made with Wine

So many times at work I see a person walk in with a piece of paper and I cringe. It’s either a list from a national pub or a recipe. Let’s go with the latter for right now. There’s typically a quizzical look as I offer to help. “Does it matter what wine I choose…But it calls for Burgundy and I can’t afford that…It should be good enough to drink…...

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Cooking With Garlic, Glorious Garlic

My lessons usually start off by going over the menu and order of things we’ll prepare. Then once we get going, some technique is covered… primarily with garlic preparation being #1. Yes, garlic is an integral taste component in many dishes and sure, it gives a depth of flavor but it is completely coincidental that it ends up in every dish I make. Fine, I’ll ...

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Summer Salad Recipe Idea: Thai Cucumber Salad

It's just about that time of year to start finding summer salad recipe ideas. Whether from a friend or out of the Food section of the newspaper, new food is good food. Now bear in mind I never follow said recipe the way it was written. Ever. I’m always thinking of some way to make it mine. Maybe take out an ingredient I don’t care for. Add something to give it ...

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Knife Sharpening: Steel or Stone?

Knife sharpening. Not something you probably wake up thinking about, but when you finally make the investment in a good knife or set of knives, the eventual situation arises where you need to consider how to care for your cutlery. Do you know the difference between a sharpening steel and a sharpening stone? First it's important to know the difference between ...

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