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Memorial Day Savings: Take $20 Off Your Next Order!

By the time you read this, I hope you've had a chance to grub up on some BBQ, have a few drinks and chillax a bit, because I've got some news that'll knock you right off your lawn chair. From now until May 29th, you can take $20 off your next order of $200 or more. All you have to do is use coupon code MEMORIALDAY. And that's all I have to say. So go ahead, have another earned it with all the money you just saved.

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What’s New Wednesday: Vollrath Catering Deals

It’s already mid-May. Even though it snowed four inches in Denver last week (happy Mother’s Day!), pretty much all of recorded history suggests summer will eventually arrive. For caterers, these long, warm days are the bread and butter of a thriving business. And Vollrath is here to help.

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Weekly Round-Up: The Coffee Conundrum

In our Top 10 Catering Tools for Dessert Bars post, we talked about coffee’s popularity as an after-dinner counterpart to delicious desserts. While we recommend using airpots to keep coffee fresh and ready to serve, some catering companies employ Keurig machines to keep their clients caffeinated. However, those catering companies may want to rethink their decision.

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Top 10 Catering Tools for Dessert Bars

When appetizers have run their course and main entrees are nothing more than a stack of dirty dishes, guests have little room left for dessert. But they’ll still crowd around the dessert bar gazing at the array of sugary morsels, desperate for one more bite. These tools will help you stay organized throughout the mad dessert rush at your next catered event.

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What’s New Wednesday: Supera Worktop Refrigerators

What do the Apple Bottom Jeans girl, the 2008 stock market and Supera Worktop Refrigerators have in common? They both get pretty low. While this was bad for the stock market, the fact that Supera's Worktop Refrigerators are so low means cleanup is a breeze and the worktop stations are durable. That means you can chop your heart out all day and not shed a single tear—unless you’re slicing onions, or course.

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