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When to Accept or Reject Fresh Meat, Poultry and Seafood

Food service operators are becoming proactive in their approach to cold food management. Most restaurants have scheduled temperature checks, both ambient and core, for all foods in refrigerated environments. Managers and chains are also requiring a log of regular temperature checks from their distribution network.

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6 Smart Tips for Organizing Your Commercial Refrigerator or Freezer

Do you enjoy watching golf? If so, organizing your commercial refrigerator and freezer might be the most exciting thing you’ll do this year. But for the average restaurant owner, sifting through your reach-in probably isn’t too high on your to-do list. After all, you have menus to create, supplies to order, and employees to schedule. Refrigeration equipment should work well on its own, right?

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Choosing a New Restaurant Location

The best-kept secret in town could stay that way forever if the right precautions aren't taken when finding a location. Intense preparation, exciting menu items and unbeatable service can all prove defenseless when you've settled in a part of town that just doesn't bring the traffic. Whether moving to a new building or starting up in an established location, educating yourself on the area's demographics, real estate value and local competition could be the difference between a short-lived stay or a profitable residence.

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The Benefits of Recycling in the Commercial Kitchen

In the restaurant world, more waste means more operating costs, whether in the form of trash handling fees or uneaten and spoiled food. But with a recycling program, lowering these fees or saying goodbye to them altogether is a reality every restaurant can subscribe to—and the benefits don’t end there.

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The Challenges of Serving Healthy School Lunches

School lunches are notorious for being reheated batches of over-processed food-like substances, making them one of the big targets in the fight against childhood obesity. With the increasing prevalence of childhood obesity, concerned parents, school board members and politicians (including Michelle Obama) are looking for ways to provide healthy school lunches for ...

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