How to Build a Bar Food Menu

Posted on February 17, 2014
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Are you thinking about adding a bar food menu to your restaurant or bar? It could be a very profitable endeavor! In this video you’ll hear from Kim Dean, the general manager of Denver’s Goosetown Tavern, about the secrets to their successful bar food menu. Dean also provides valuable tips on everything from how to keep up with health codes to training employees to getting the most out of restaurant equipment. And if that’s not enticing enough, the Sriracha pizza, at least, is irresistible!

Maggie Moulatsiotis Maggie Moulatsiotis (68 Posts)

Maggie is the Content Development Manager at, a pescetarian and a newly minted DIY and home cook extraordinaire. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and very cute puppy, Puka.

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