Creative Restaurant Apps From Krispy Kreme and More

Posted on August 26, 2013
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Krispy Kreme

Mobile marketing! Unless you’re running the neighborhood Luddite hangout you’ll do well to embrace it, or get consumed in its mechanized wake of destruction. Many restaurants have done well for themselves by rolling out mobile apps for online ordering, payment, and pickup coordination as well as location-based promotions and loyalty rewards.

However, some restaurants have gone above and beyond the call of duty when creating mobile applications to engage their customer base. Here’s a look at some creative restaurant apps that have been earning some much-sought-after attention.

Buffalo Wild Wings Fantasy Football

This is one of those “augmented reality” apps that add elements to the physical world when you look at it through the rose-colored glasses of your smart phone. And who doesn’t want to augment reality, I ask you? I personally would like to augment reality with an army of evil minions who obey my every word and also happen to resemble the hyenas in The Lion King, but that’s a different story.

Buffalo Wild Wings, decidedly less sinister than I, created this app with a feature that only works in-store. It allows guests to compete against each other in fantasy football tournaments, which sounds like fun to me (that’s a lie it sounds terrible, but I’m sure it sounds fun to their target demographic, and that’s the point) and also encourages increased foot traffic. Pret-ty clever.

French Fry Heaven Game

French Fry Heaven is a magical land where you can purchase more than 50 different kinds of french fries. Did you even know that that was a thing which was possible? Probably not. And even if you did know that, you probably didn’t know all of the nuances of all the various flavor combinations. All around, you’ve probably been fairly ignorant of the things that go on at French Fry Heaven.

That’s why the fine folks at French Fry Heaven Headquarters made the French Fry Heaven Game app! To battle french fry ignorance in all its indecent manifestations. Users unlock each french fry character by completing tasks that teach them about the different flavors. It’s a fun way to increase brand recognition while keeping customers informed and engaged. And probably hungry.

Chuck E.’s Say Cheese

This here is another one of those fun augmented reality apps. Like Buffalo Wild Wings, Chuck E. is also not interested in rousing up the disenfranchised masses to wage an anti-imperialist coup only to become even more despotic than the old regime and then implementing centralized economic planning with disastrous consequences to society as a whole. (That IS what The Lion King is about, isn’t it?)

Hakuna matata, dear readers. What the Chuck E. Say Cheese app does is allow guests to take pictures with a handsomer, updated and more computer-generated Chuck E. when they activate the app and point their phones at designated in-store locations.

Krispy Kreme Hot Light

Look out world: there’s a genius in the Krispy Kreme marketing department and we can only imagine what fiendish schemes he or she will come up with next. For now, we are lucky that this person is only using her brilliance for the power of good.

The Hot Light app lets users map their nearest Krispy Kreme locations and provides alerts when doughnuts come fresh out of the oven. This is a perfect example of how to use technology to offer customers genuine value that will bring them through your door. And if you don’t recognize the genuine value of fresh doughnuts then I recommend opening up the aforementioned neighborhood Luddite hangout. Though, even Luddites get doughnuts, as I understand it.

And there you have a compilation of brilliant restaurant mobile apps available in the universe today. Know any others? Do tell us in the comments section. We really enjoy that sort of thing.

photo credit: A.Currell via photopin cc

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3 Replies to "Creative Restaurant Apps From Krispy Kreme and More"

  • maggie
    August 27, 2013 (9:12 am)

    That is exactly what I thought fantasy football is, or should be.

    • Sara
      August 27, 2013 (11:54 am)

      I think we should gather together a band of like-minded individuals and make it happen.

    • Jason
      August 27, 2013 (5:01 pm)

      Check out the tabletop and PC game “Blood Bowl”, this already exists!!!

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