What You Don’t Know About Yelp

Posted on July 8, 2014
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Yelp! LogoYelp! It was 2004 when you first heard this four-lettered, onomatopoetic word, and probably though it was just an exclamatory slang the hip teens were using. Fast forward ten years, and now you are well versed on the half-social media, half-business review hybrid website and have even added two more words to your vocabulary list.

Yelper (YELL-puhr) n. Someone who actively contributes and/or uses yelp, to inform others and to get insider knowledge in order to assist in their own buying decisions in regards to local businesses.

Yelping (YELL-ping) v. The act of writing for, or consciously using Yelp.

Even if you consider yourself a yelper, perhaps you are even in the most exclusive tier of elite yelpers, you may be surprised to find out that the site–and now mobile app–have a lot more to share than just reviews.

Surprising Yelp Facts

Surprising Yelp Features

Yelp Loves Local

For each city every week Yelp posts a ‘weekly yelp’ column in which they highlight groups of businesses with a common theme. This week’s theme in Denver was the best French toast spot, and in Atlanta it was newly opened bike shops.

Overall, Yelp is much more local business friendly. Restaurants like McDonalds don’t really get the time of day from the foodie Yelp community. But that new farm-to-table brunch spot? That’s where you’ll see round-the-clock reviews.

Yelp is Super Sociable

Beyond just reading others reviews, Yelp has other social media centered features too. Once you make a profile you can begin ‘liking’ people and following them and you also have the option of private messaging. You can make lists, for example “Lauren’s Top 5 Best Pho Restaurants in Denver,” and post them publically. (Keep an eye out for that list by the way)

There are also events which are created and posted by fellow Yelpers. You could find a local book club, meet up for lunch with a dining-out group, or join a rugby league, all with local foodies like yourself. Other larger public local events get posted there too, such as charity auctions and farmer’s markets.

Yelp Dishes Out Deals

In a Groupon style fashion, Yelp does partnerships with businesses to offer “Buy $5 get $10” deals to customers as well. They also offer the option of purchasing gift certificates.

Surprising Yelp Future

Recently, Yelp acquired SeatMe, a restaurant management tool which is benefitting diners with features such as text-ahead seating and the ability to e-track wait lists.

Yelp isn’t going away anytime soon. The modern aged, mobile yellow pages are exactly what consumers want right now, and it shows! The site continues to receive masses of reviews each day and its stock is on the up and up.

How do you use or rely on Yelp to help your business find more customers?

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Lauren is a New York native who currently resides in Denver, Colorado. She fills her life with ski trips, good friends, arts-n-crafts nights, homemade meals and snuggle sessions with her cat Tibadeaux.

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