Customer Service

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Servers

Posted on November 3, 2014
Effective Servers

Everyone knows what it is like to go into a restaurant and have a bad experience. You had to wait twenty minutes before placing your drink order, you had to ask twice for a glass of water and on top of it all you were treated rudely. But aside from these obvious mistakes and oversights, what can a successful server do to rise above mediocrity and provide a great restaurant experience for the guests?

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Top 10 Tips for the Pizza Delivery Driver

Posted on September 10, 2014
Pizza Delivery

Like any other employee, the pizza delivery driver must be properly trained to ensure their safety and a prompt delivery. There are several tips and tricks that will help your pizza delivery driver better represent your company and provide as pleasant a customer experience that one can expect in the pizza delivery business.

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Clever Tip Jars: How Baristas Can Earn More Tips

Posted on August 14, 2012
Tip Jar

In the coffee industry, the employee turnover rate creates one of the highest costs and biggest headaches for operators. Training new staff takes time as well as money, so retaining good baristas (I just don't feel comfortable saying baristi, purists: forgive me) should be a priority. One way managers can work to ensure talented staff stay on board is by training them in effective methods to earn higher tips. But, since many patrons don't ...

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The Results are in! The Winning Story from the Food Service Nightmares Contest

Posted on November 9, 2011

During the month of October, invited waitstaff everywhere to enter the Food Service Nightmares Contest. The contest called for the most nightmarish, haunting and even blood-curdling tales from the restaurant service world. This was a golden opportunity for those in the food service biz to spill their guts about their biggest peeves or worst we kept it completely anonymous. We just know that life gets ...

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How to Lose Customers in 10 Minutes or Less

Posted on June 10, 2011

So I'm a picky. I'll admit it. I'm picky about how my restaurant experience is and if it doesn't meet my expectations from the get go, I’ll walk out. However, I'm fiercely loyal to places that provide good service, excellent food and an overall feeling of value from spending my hard-earned cash. Over the years, I've tried to lower my expectations, thinking maybe I asked for too much. But at some point of wading through the muddy waters ...

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