Front of the House

Q&A with Mark Overly, Owner of Kaladi Coffee

Posted on February 6, 2015
kaladi coffee

My fears of stepping into a trendy coffee bar with an accompanying presumptuous attitude disappeared when I dropped by Kaladi Coffee Roasters in Denver, Colorado. It’s authenticity as a small neighborhood coffee joint shines through immediately due to the combination of community tables surrounded by metal folding chairs, local students’ artwork and mismatched mugs do sop from A reflection its owner, Mark Overly, Kaladi is well established on their block, confident in their offerings, and knowledgeable of their sport. And that sport is coffee, or espresso to be exact.

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Winning Wine Pairing Tips

At the cornerstone of proper wine pairing is a simple phrase that really is as easy as it sounds, “drink what you like.” But, for those who truly want to bring out the best flavors from their meal and wine, there are some simple pairing techniques that will help you along the way.

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Set the Mood with Candles on Valentine’s Day

Posted on January 20, 2015
Valentine's Day Candles

With Valentine’s Day looming, lighting holds more weight than the phrases on those little candy heart wafers. While delivering a perfect “I Luv U” can be effective, lighting sets the mood for an all-around romantic evening. This Valentine’s Day, choose the romantic option and get your business some candles!

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7 Health and Safety Regulations Most Bars Break

Posted on January 12, 2015

The only thing longer than the menu of your new bar or restaurant is the never ending list of regulations and codes to follow for a health inspection. At first, all attention is paid to keeping everything in sparkling order. But over time, little things here and there start to slide by. Soon enough, staff becomes lax enough that they only follow health and safety rules around or on the day of an anticipated inspection. Following this pattern is a slippery slope that eventually ends in a game of food and beverage safety roulette.

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How to Survive Blackout Wednesday

Posted on November 17, 2014
Bartender Busy at Work

Who knew Thanksgiving was so dark? The days are so short we've dubbed the day after Thanksgiving as Black Friday. And for all the late night restaurants and bars out there, you’re more than familiar with Blackout Wednesday, the biggest drinking night of the year. Why is this? Well, pretty much everyone has Thanksgiving off, everyone is home for the holidays, and nothing is a better hangover cure than a giant Thanksgiving meal. Now that you know the basics, how can your bar or restaurant survive the biggest drinking night of the year?

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