How a Commercial Range Can Make an Important Difference in Your Commercial Kitchen

Posted on October 25, 2011
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When it comes to commercial cooking equipment, we here at believe we can offer some insight when it comes to purchasing the best unit for your commercial kitchen. In this post we’ll dig into some information about commercial ranges and how these units can make a difference in your commercial kitchen.

Go Go Power Range(r)s

A commercial range, unlike a residential stove, is a powerful piece of cooking equipment that is designed to withstand the heavy use of a restaurant, hotel kitchen, casino, school cafeteria or other busy commercial kitchen situation. The difference is the heavy-duty construction–usually stainless steel and sometimes even cast-iron burner plates–as well as increased heating power. A typical commercial range might emit between 25,000 and 30,000 BTUs per burner ( a common classification of heat energy in commercial cooking equipment). This is more than double that of a traditional residential unit. This power is essential to anyone cooking food in this industry.

Is Heavy Metal Your Style?

Commercial ranges are available as heavy duty commercial ranges or restaurant ranges. Although the differences are hardly visible to the naked eye, there are some important differences to be aware of. Heavy duty restaurant ranges are also referred to as “batteried ranges,” which can be more easily connected together within a larger commercial kitchen layout. A heavy duty range is also more appropriate for a commercial kitchen producing more than 250 meals each day. On the other hand, a restaurant range is designed for a slightly less production (somewhere in the 100-250 meals a day range) and won’t take quite as well to excessive, heavy use.

If the Top Fits, Wear It

The range top configuration is an important part of any commercial range. Unlike a residential stove, commercial ranges are designed with different range top options that can accommodate different kitchen and menu applications. This can make a big difference in your commercial kitchen, since it affects how the chef cooks, what cooking supplies he or she needs, and how fast the food items can come off the line and on to a plate.

  • Open Gas Burner. A popular range top configuration is the open gas burner. This provides constant heat from a steady flame that is usually fairly easily controlled. The metal burner grates can be removed and cleaned with ease. Ring-shaped burners or star-shaped burners are available.
  • Griddle-top Burner. Griddle-top burners are another option which are popular in diners, cafes and operations where breakfast foods and burgers rule the menu. Griddles are essentially a flat piece of steel, and take up the entire top of the range, or just a portion of it. Chefs and cooks heat food directly on the griddle top so there is no need for pans or pots on this type of burner.
  • Electric Burner. Electric range tops resemble residential stoves, but they are still more powerful and offer more durability and resilience than a residential model. Electric ranges may not be as common in the commercial food service industry, but they are a great choice for those who may not have access to gas heating power in their commercial kitchens.

When thinking about commercial ranges, remember that you have plenty of options when it comes to power, structure and configuration. The right unit can make an important difference in your commercial kitchen. Much more information can be found on our Web site at

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