Marketing to Teens in the Restaurant

Posted on June 25, 2013
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School is out for the summer and that means that the members of that fearsome group known by anthropologists as “teens” have been let loose upon the streets of America.

“Lord help us,” you may be thinking. But do not despair! Despite the dangers associated with the hormonal uncertainty of these beings, for restaurant owners it’s actually good news.

Why should you market your restaurant to teenagers?

Consider the following:

  1. Teenagers have money to burn.

    They’ve frequently got jobs or allowances, but no bills or responsibilities to worry about. Not only that, but recent research shows that teen discretionary spending in restaurants is on the rise.

  2. Teenagers are hungry, like all the time.

    Those hormonal uncertainties which are the cause of the notorious teenage ‘tude also make them¬†ravenous for everything that lies in their path.

Tips for marketing to teenagers

Put those two factors together and teens are pretty much a restaurant owner’s dream. But how do you ensure that your restaurant is teen friendly?

  • Make your restaurant comfortable.

    Teens like to go to restaurants as much for a place to escape home as a place to eat. If your restaurant is welcoming and a comfortable place to hang out with their friends, they are likely to come back again and again.

  • Keep up with tech trends.

    Teens are generally ahead of the curve when it comes to new technology, so you’ll want to make sure your restaurant doesn’t get left behind. At the very least, be sure to maintain a website, get a Facebook account and use email marketing initiatives to attract teens’ attention.

  • Offer student specials.

    Though the number one factor driving teen dining decisions is still taste, value is a close second. Teens might have money and are willing to spend it, but they do still feel the need to have some cash left over for Taylor Swift tickets and acid wash jeans. (Kids ARE still wearing those, right?) Perceived value can go a long way in getting teens to patronize your restaurant.

To learn more tips, read the full article here: marketing to teens in the restaurant.


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