President’s Day Menu Specials

Posted on February 17, 2012
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Cherry Pie

This President’s Day marks the day we celebrate the commanders in chief of the United States. Serve up a piece of Americana this holiday with menu specials themed after presidential favorites.

“I Cannot Tell a Lie Pie”

In elementary schools across America, first grade students learn about the importance of honesty and how a six-year-old George Washington fessed up to chopping down his father’s favorite cherry tree. Celebrate the first president and serve up a slice of cherry pie for a dessert special on Monday and Wednesday as Washington’s birthday is observed on February 22nd.

“Mr. Gorbachev, Hand me That Drink”

In his famous speech directing the President of the USSR to “Tear down this wall,” President Reagan provided a soundbite that would be forever celebrated, parodied and referred to when referencing his time in office. Offer drink specials on white Russian cocktails or on other specialty vodka creations.

“Ask Not What Your Country Can Fondue, But What You Can Fondue For Your County.”

President John F. Kennedy made the famous proclamation to the American public during his inaugural address in 1961, asking each citizen to look into what they could do to be part of a positive change. Have fun with puns and offer a fondue dinner or dessert special for the citizens in your restaurant.

“I Am Not A Croque Monsieur”

President Nixon and Watergate go together like ham and cheese. Advertise a presidential lunch special of croque monsieur ( grilled ham and cheese) and a bowl of soup for a chilly February Monday.

“Read My Lips, Eat Our Ribs”

At the 1988 Republican National Convention, Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush created a soundbite that would outlive his time in office. Offer up a rib or barbecue special in honor or in mockery of the Texan who coined this phrase.

Whichever way the party lines lie, our nation has a library of famous, funny and memorable presidential quotes that can help boost your marketing for next week’s specials. Have some fun with the first amendment and capitalize on your American dream this weekend and next week.

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