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Posted on January 20, 2011
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Business is Up for Bison

The bison industry has seen growing consumer demand due to the meat’s low fat and low cholesterol benefits when compared to beef. However, this has resulted in a shortage of bison, which has driven costs up from $5 to about $7 per pound. The National Bison Association is looking to increase its supply by recruiting more ranchers to help bolster the bison business.  NPR (1/20/2011)

Restaurants Challenged by Rising Food Prices

At a time when global food prices are soaring, restaurants are biting their nails to find ways to offset the strain of the additional cost without passing them on to already sensitive customers. Restaurants are scrambling to renegotiate contracts, find less expensive suppliers and even come up with creative menu designs to battle the increasing cost of commodity items, which include items like coffee, beef, corn and soybeans. The Wall Street Journal (1/20/2011)

Make Credit Card Transactions Possible with New Tech Tool

Many small businesses, including restaurants, battle with the concept of credit card transactions, often due to scanning device cost and transaction fees. This can be a set-back for customers who appreciate the convenience of using plastic. A new tech tool, Square, allows small businesses to plug a device into a smart phone and run a transaction, all for a flat fee of 2.75% of each transaction, plus 15 cents, less than most credit card companies charge. NPR (1/18/2011)

Yum! to Sell Long John Silvers and A&W

A major player in the food industry, Yum! Brands Inc, has made public its plan to put Long John Silvers and A&W All American Food Restaurants up for sale. The company is redefining its goals for growth, which include strengthening its presence in China and internationally, as well as putting more effort into daypart sales at Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC. Currently, Taco Bell accounts for about 60% of the company’s profits. QSR Mag (1/20/2011)

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