Restaurant Management

Waitress Book and Wine Keys: A Guide to Restaurant Lingo


If you've ever waited tables in the U.S. you may have been told to have your waitress book and wine key on hand at all times. And if you've ever had a first day waiting tables in a U.S. restaurant, you may have found yourself smack-dab in the middle of a linguistics lesson. (more…)

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10 Energy Saving Tips for the Kitchen

Power On

It's true, most large appliances (often found in the kitchen) soak up a huge chunk of energy. But they don't have to. These 10 energy saving tips for the kitchen can help you save a lot of money (and make a positive impact on the environment around you!) Invest in Green Equipment. Energy saving kitchens have energy saving equipment. It really is that easy. These equipment pieces are designed to do the same amount of work with less energy ...

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A Quick Guide to Starting and Running a Food Service Business

Posted on March 26, 2013

The food service industry is one of the most trying fields in business. The hours are long, the work is hard and you are often required to stand on your feet all day. Whether you run a fast-paced restaurant, operate a catering business or manage a small café, the key to success remains the same. You must be willing to put in the time, money, and advanced planning required for a profitable business plan. Designing Your Kitchen It’s ...

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An Unnecessary Weevil: How to Keep Your Kitchen Pest-Free

Posted on November 12, 2012

Wheat weevils are every cook's nightmare. Commonly found in bags of grain, weevils are prolific breeders and cause a multitude of problems for grain producers and cooks. A female weevil can lay up to 254 eggs, one in each grain, and the larvae feed inside this grain until pupation, where it bores out of the kernel to emerge as an adult, after which it can live up to 8 months. The initial life cycle is encouraged by heat, taking up to 5 weeks ...

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The Steven R. Covey Approach to Restaurant Management

Posted on July 16, 2012

Author of the best-selling book Seven Habits of Highly-Effective People, Dr. Steven R. Covey, died today at the age of 79. He dedicated his professional life to motivating individuals of all ages to become the most productive and motivated versions of themselves. In memory of his work, let's take a look at the seven habits and how they can help your restaurant management, service and profitability. Habit #1 Be Proactive Perhaps one of ...

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