Restaurant Marketing

What You Don’t Know About Yelp

Posted on July 8, 2014
Yelp Logo

Yelp! It was 2004 when you first heard this four-lettered, onomatopoetic word, and probably though it was just an exclamatory slang the hip teens were using. Fast forward ten years, and now you are well versed on the half-social media, half-business review hybrid website and have even added two more words to your vocabulary list.

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Last-Minute Cinco de Mayo Marketing Tips

Posted on April 23, 2014
cinco de mayo party

Has the festive fiesta of May 5th snuck up on you like a baseball bat to a piñata? Don’t fret. We have some last minute Cinco de Mayo Marketing tips that you’ll be happy to say “hola” to!

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How to Use Sports-Related Marketing for Your Bar

sports bar

Showing the big game can be a lucrative way to attract new and loyal business to your restaurant or bar. Use these strategies of sports-related marketing to attract all sorts of fans.

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Easy Money! The 5 Best Bar Holidays and How to Promote Them

Posted on August 5, 2013
Bar Holidays

Not everyone needs an excuse to drink. For years bar operators have been relying on non-excuse making Wednesday type drinkers to keep their books in the black. However, there are some occasions on which the semi-drinkers like to come out in droves and the regular drinkers bask in the sweet power of Bacchus with even greater alacrity. These are the red letter days of the bar world, days for which the wise bar owner is well-prepared. So, ...

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Marketing to Teens in the Restaurant


School is out for the summer and that means that the members of that fearsome group known by anthropologists as "teens" have been let loose upon the streets of America. "Lord help us," you may be thinking. But do not despair! Despite the dangers associated with the hormonal uncertainty of these beings, for restaurant owners it's actually good news. Why should you market your restaurant to teenagers? Consider the following: Tee...

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