5 Restaurant Take-Out Promo Ideas for Cold Nights

Posted on January 21, 2013
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Brrrr. It’s been cold out there.

And when it’s cold, I feel inspired to grab some take out, curl up under a warm blanket and watch my favorite shows with a comforting bowl of pasta or maybe a hot and spicy curry. Whatever I’m craving I know I just want to have it waiting for me. I want to go home, relax and feel cozy for the rest of the evening.

And I’m not alone.

Take advantage of the weather and offer your customers something yummy, comforting and effortless. Let’s take a look at five take-out promo ideas you can start planning now:

  1. Create a Bundled-Up Deal.

    All puns intended, bundle up your menu favorites with a promotional offer that provides a complete meal for individuals or families. This can include multiple courses or different main course options, like a Sunday roast, whichever works with your menu.

  2. Run a Happy Hour Take Out Promotion.

    Capture your audience on their daily commute home and run a take-out  promotion from 5 p.m to 7 p.m on a selection of menu favorites. This offer is enticing to the multi-tasking customers who want to get dinner sorted out before settling in for the evening.

  3. Offer a Double Deal on Freezable Food.

    You know what’s better than getting take-out on a cold night? Getting enough for two cold nights, that’s what. Offer large aluminum food containers of two family-sized entrees for a special promotional price. Aluminum containers are perfect for storing in the freezer and re-heating in the oven, and they’re recyclable too!

  4. Provide a Soup-er Menu.

    Soup and chili are easy and cost-effective menu items to create, and they happen to be cold weather favorites. Sell more soup and chili in your restaurant by advertising a weekly menu of soup and chili options that are take-out ready.

  5. Use Major Televised Events to Market Your Take-Out Menu.

    What does the Super Bowl, NHL and NBA regular season games and the Hollywood award season all have in common? They are all scheduled during some of the coldest days of the year. Use football promo ideas, sports-related marketing and Hollywood-themed specials to promote your menu for in-home dining.

Capture your customers on their way home and market these take-out promo ideas using your restaurant’s social media platforms, on your restaurant website or through other take-out and delivery marketing methods.

photo credit: Mykl Roventine via photopin cc

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