Spring Clean Your Ice Machine!

Posted on March 14, 2012
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Spring is officially here! And if you’re like me, that means you’ve put off cleaning your ice machine for way too long. The good news? Cleaning your ice machine is not only easy, but it can also save you money.

How Often Should You Clean Your Ice Machine?

First things first, you should not actually wait an entire year to clean your ice machine. Federal law mandates that you clean your machine in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Manitowoc, for example, recommends the machines are cleaned every two to four months. If you aren’t sure about the manufacturer’s recommendations, a good rule of thumb is to clean your machine at least every six months.

How Do You Keep Your Ice Machine Clean?

  1. Scrape and Sanitize. You should empty all ice from the machine, then scrape and remove the excess scale build-up. When the machine is empty, use a nickel-safe sanitizer to get rid of any bacteria that might be living in the machine.
  2. Replace Water Filters. This will ensure that you are removing sediment from the water, which keeps the ice clean and free from bad tastes or odors.
  3. Clean or Replace Air Filters. Keeping the air filter clean will increase productivity, as grease build-up slows down the machine.

Why Should You Clean Your Ice Machine?

Beside the fact that it is the law, there are many good reasons to clean your ice machine regularly.

  1. It cuts energy costs. If your filters are clean, it means the ice machine does not have to work as hard to make ice, which means lower energy bills.
  2. It increases the life of the machine. The less your machine has to work, the longer it will last.
  3. It is good for the environment. Even if you don’t care about being green, some of your customers probably do.
  4. It reduces health risk. Bacteria and viruses can live in ice machines, despite the extreme cold. Clean regularly to keep your customers healthy!

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  • portable ice machine
    May 7, 2014 (11:19 am)

    Change the water filters in the ice maker. Clean the ice “box” like you would any other dish in your kitchen … a sponge, water, and dishsoap if you werent sure. Also you can keep a open box of baking soda in your freezer. This helps absorb any smells and things that can alter the taste of your ice.

    Best of luck!


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