How Steve Jobs Affected the Restaurant Industry

Posted on October 7, 2011
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Steve Jobs

On October 5th, 2011, the Starbucks Twitter page read: “It’s a sad day for America – a man who embodied innovation and our entrepreneurial spirit like no-one else has passed …” -Howard Schultz.

Taco Bell posted this: “Thank you for your vision and inspiration, Steve Jobs. Your legacy lives on.”

Technology impacts the restaurant industry in a greater way than may meet the eye. This week Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, passed away. His death marks the passing of someone many considered a computer genius, even a “magician” in the world of modern technology. His impact is no doubt felt in the tech and media worlds, but in many ways his death resounds throughout industries outside those realms.

As a recent article from QSR magazine points out, Jobs’ inventions irrevocably impacted the restaurant industry. The invention of the iPhone, for example, left an indelible mark on the restaurant world. The phone offered a mobile and easy way to make restaurant reservations, look up (and write) reviews quickly and on-the-go, and even document the experience with a new and improved camera phone. When the iPad rolled around, tech-savvy restaurateurs quickly started work on implementing the mobile technology to improve restaurant operations, both in the front of the house and the back. (Source)

The restaurant industry, like any other, is not immune to progress outside the four walls. When customers come in wanting to “check-in” on Foursquare, for instance, restaurant operators might get on board by offering rewards to those with the most check-ins. Now that customers are accustomed to mobile communication and mobile internet, the ability to place orders, scan coupons or otherwise interact with their favorite food spots makes an impact on future loyalty. Inventions like the iPhone and iPad have made their way around the world, and have contributed to changes in how, where and why people dine out.

Restaurants are businesses through and through, and the ways in which they progress, accept change and implement new ways of operating affects their long-term success. Jobs’s impact sweeps through industries, businesses and homes all over the world, and his philosophy was one thing that contributed to his professional successes. (Source)

In his commencement address to the 2005 graduating class at Stanford University, Jobs said this: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” (Source) Any restaurant operator will tell you that no one makes it in the industry without a true passion. If you don’t love your job, you will be exhausted fast, no matter how great your food is and how many great Yelp reviews people post via their iPhones. If nothing else, Jobs worked hard for something he loved, and any business owner can attest to the importance of following your passion.

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