Supera Glass Door Merchandisers: A Brief History Lesson

Posted on February 11, 2014
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One of the best kept secrets throughout history has been the Supera Glass Door Merchandiser. I know it seems crazy, but I’ve got quite the squad to back it up, and they all agree that Supera is hero when it comes to refrigeration.

It all started in 1621 when the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag celebrated their first successful harvest. This day goes down in history as the first Thanksgiving.  Chances are you’re probably thinking about that delicious slice of pumpkin pie you enjoyed last year. Well, snap out of it.

Since you probably already know most of the facts about the first Thanksgiving, we won’t bore you with the details. However, there is one major event that happened on this glorious holiday that managed to escape the internet and your old school history books: the unveiling of the Supera Glass Door Merchandiser.

At first the Pilgrims were unsure of what they could do with such a fine piece of equipment, but soon realized that the LED lighting display was perfect for highlighting their top selling products and that the shelves have heavy-duty PVC coating, giving them the ability to withstand cold temperatures.  In fact, the coating is so protective that you can find them hanging out in the Smithsonian as remnants of this historical celebration.

You don’t believe us, do you?

We have proof:


After spending a few hundred years under the radar, the next time we see the Supera Glass Door Merchandiser in history was during the first official intercollegiate basketball game. Fans lined up for miles to score an ice cold beverage from these stellar refrigerators. The environmentally friendly design, paired with the durable evaporator and condenser also made this a perfect choice for the players because they needed reliable refrigeration that wouldn’t buckle under pressure. Better yet, the coaches remained calm because the digital display allowed the inside temperature to be easily read and adjusted. Everybody wins!

The Yale Bulldogs loved the Glass Door Merchandisers so much they insisted on including it in their team photo:

vintage basketball photo

On the set of “Some Like it Hot” Marilyn Monroe ironically insisted that all of her drinks needed to be cold! Good thing Supera was there to save the day with capillary tube refrigeration that never quits cooling, because who knows what would have happened if this prima donna didn’t have her way. It also helped that this unit came with 3” casters that were easy to install because, well, if we’re being honest we all know that Marilyn was no rocket scientist.

some like it hot


The Beatles wanted to come to America for two reasons: first because of their fans and second because they wanted to get their hands on a Supera Glass Door Merchandiser. They even wrote a song about it! It went something like “all you need is Supera, -a, Supera’s all you need”.

After an interview with Sir Paul McCartney himself, he raved about the tempered triple pane glass, CFC-free polyurethane insulation and the bottom condensing unit. He was also impressed with the built-in door locks so that he could keep John, Ringo and George away from his milk.

paul mccartney

Making its television debut on the popular series Breaking Bad, Walter White demanded that his car wash was decked out with the finest Glass Door Merchandiser. Impressing Walter was tough, but the Energy Star Certification mixed with the steel floor interior and aluminum back made his decision a no brainer. He claimed that the only way his customers could truly “Have an A-1 Day” was if they could enjoy a delicious ice cold beverage while their car was getting a warm soapy bath.

walter white

Well, now the secret is out. All you need to do is head over here and decide which Glass Door Merchandiser will start making history in your business.

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