Supera Steals: Oven Mitt

Posted on June 27, 2014
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17" Supera Oven Mitt

We’ve all been there when the timer goes off and you’re just-so-excited to pull that delicious cherry pie out that you reach for it with your bare hands! “WAHH!!” As you let out a belting scream, you release the pie, your jaw gapes open and you watch cherries explode all over your floor, ceiling and walls. But there is no time for clean up since you’re busy frantically running across the kitchen to cool down your fresh finger burn with some ice cold water.

The Smart Choice for Hands and Wallets

Here FSW, we know your kitchen can be pure chaos, but we also want you to remember: safety first! Hours of work, your fingerprints, and your work space all could have been saved if you would have just taken one second to reach for this 17” Terry Cloth Oven Mitt from Supera! This weekly steal is so economically priced that there is no reason you shouldn’t have a few hanging out next to your oven.

600° of Protection

Yes, you read that right. With protection up to 600°F you can pick up that pie pan and carry it across the kitchen with ease – if you’re feeling brave you could even skip or twirl! The quilted terry cloth construction provides a flexible yet durable oven mitt for your hand to slide right into! Since it’s 17” in length, you also don’t have to worry about those arm stingers your oven has been notorious for giving you. This conventional oven mitt is a must have in any commercial kitchen – from the bright and early hours of the morning at the bakery to the dark late nights in your local bar & grill.

The Ultimate Oven Companion

So, next time your cherry pies are ready to go or your cheese fries have successfully made it through the melt, remember to grab this oven mitt before you reach into the oven. Until then, let us help you clean up that mess with this mop head and handle!

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