Supera Storytime: Goldilocks and the Three Fryers

Posted on March 6, 2014
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Supera Fryers Storytime

As a kid, my favorite bedtime story was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In fact, I loved it so much that I made my parents read it to me at least once a week. Recently I began to wonder, what has she been up to lately? After a little bit of research, I tracked Goldie down and discovered that she took to a path of entrepreneurship. It turns out that after years under the spotlight, Goldie took her fame and fortune and decided to open her own burger joint. Things were looking great for her, until one night…

On a busy weeknight as Goldilocks lowered a fresh basket of fries into the fryer, she noticed something was missing. She didn’t hear the familiar sizzle of potato and hot oil. Minutes passed and the fries still wouldn’t take on the famous crispy,crunchy texture her customers loved.

Goldie immediately knew there was a problem. This fryer had fried its last batch.

“Oh no!” thought Goldilocks, “This needs to be fixed immediately! How am I going to get a new fryer in time for the weekend?!”

Goldilocks sprinted through the kitchen, around the dining room and back to her office. She wheeled her chair up to her computer and searched the web for possible solutions.

Lucky for us, Goldilocks found her way to and began looking through the selection of fryers. As she scrolled through a wide range of brand names, she noticed Supera. Goldilocks recently purchased a Supera Glass Door Merchandiser, and has been impressed since day one. This encouraged her to look into getting one of their fryers as well.

Supera BrowsingThe first Supera Fryer she pulled up was the LineCook Pro 75 lb Fryer. This 5 tube fryer is designed for high volume restaurants, and can handle just about anything. “This fryer is too big for my needs” Goldie thought to herself.

Then she clicked on the Supera LineCook Pro 40 lb Fryer. At first glance, Goldie thought that this was the right size. However, after finding out that it only had three tubes, she didn’t know if the fryer would supply her with enough ‘oomph’ to meet the demands of her hungry customers. “This fryer’s power is too small” she thought, and began looking for another option.

And then, it happened. She clicked on the Supera LineCook Pro 55 lb Fryer with four tubes. “Hooray! This fryer is just right!” Goldilocks declared. Since it is the same size as the three tube, but has a quicker recovery time in between batches of fries and chicken nuggets, Goldie knew she found her perfect match.

Excited to learn that this fryer was available for Quickship, Goldie was confident that it would leave the warehouse on the same day that she ordered it! Not to mention she didn’t have to pay a dime for shipping.


In the end, Goldilocks received the fryer just in time for the weekend and was able to keep her customers very happy. As a matter of fact, the three bears even stopped in to catch up and enjoy some of her famous burgers and fries!

Which Supera Fryer is the right size for your restaurant? Head over here to find out more!

Illustrations by the talented Roman Martinez for FSW

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