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Easy Money! The 5 Best Bar Holidays and How to Promote Them

Not everyone needs an excuse to drink. For years bar operators have been relying on non-excuse making Wednesday type drinkers to keep their books in the black. However, there are some occasions on which the semi-drinkers like to come out in droves and the regular drinkers bask in the sweet power of Bacchus with even greater alacrity. These are the red letter ...

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Promoting Craft Beer in Your Bar

Craft beer sales are on the rise and show no signs of abating. In 2011 overall U.S. beer sales declined by one percent, while craft beer sales rose by five percent (source). This is in keeping with the growing trend that favors going local, and bar operators would be wise to add some craft beers to the menu if they haven't already done so. Adding local beers is a ...

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Repeal Day: Time to Party Like It’s 1933

Celebrate Repeal Day in your bar on December 5 with drink specials or specialty prohibition-era inspired cocktail recipes. Or visit your favorite local watering hole and raise a glass to freedom and hops for all.On December 5, 1933 libations were fully liberated. After 13 long years of rum running, speakeasies and bath tub gin, the 21st amendment repealed the ...

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How Halloween Bar Crawls Can Boost Restaurant Sales

Last weekend, Denver, Colorado proved this rarity wrong by hosting one of the biggest, scariest Halloween events in the city—and it involved a lot of restaurants. Even riding public transportation downtown, one could tell something strange was going on. Men and women of all ages were grouped together, dressed in ragged shirts and torn pants, hair matted, and—this was the strangest part—covered in ghostly white make-up, scars, and oozing blood. Don’t be alarmed. From the amateur make-up jobs on many of them, and the lingering bright red hue, it was pretty clear that it was fake blood. Plus, most of them were laughing and having fun. I essentially found myself on a train with a bunch of social, excited zombies, and before long, I realized they weren’t out for brains. They were out for booze.

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