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High-Volume Service Tips for Bartenders

Preparing for high-volume service is both exciting and stressful, especially during demanding holiday nights. As a manager or owner, you know it's important to plan ahead and lay a foundation of expectations from your team to keep your business running as smoothly as possible. Check out this video for a little help in getting ready for the hustle and bustle this ...

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2013 Cocktail Trends

  In 2012 we watched cocktail trends take a designer turn towards the crafted approach. From creative vodka infusions to funky glassware (mason jars, anyone?) it's seemed, at times, that the hipsters had officially taken over. Bartenders decorated martinis with frilly garnishes such as elderflower or rosemary and added manly slices of bacon to bloody M...

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Bartending Safety: Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving | Video

And all through the front of the house all the creatures were stirring and some appeared soused... Is your bar ready for the heavy bar crowd this Holiday season? Check out this video on Bartending Safety to brush up on how to  keep your customers and your business safe this season. And just in case you need some extra supplies to implement safe bartending in ...

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How to Make a Colorado Bulldog: FSW Tipsy November Drink of the Month

The weather is getting pretty cold in most areas of the U.S. now. And it would be predictable to talk about hot drinks that warm the belly and soul. But who wants to be predictable? Not us! Instead, let's turn our focus on to something sweet, fizzy and satisfying. Let's talk about the Colorado Bulldog. It's a fan favorite around these parts, and in the easiest ...

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Video Feature: Keeping Your Garnishes Fresh

Fresh cocktail garnishes are used to compliment a variety of drinks. Serving a wheaty beer? You'll need fresh citrus fruit. Want to make that rum and coke a cuba libre? Well then, you will need some lime. Whichever recipe or drink your bar is famous for, chances are you need fresh and accessible garnishments to complete the order.

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