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Top 10 Tips for BBQ Catering

With the sun coming out, graduation parties and Memorial Day just around the corner, barbecue events will soon be popping up like spring flowers. Or toast. Or weasels. And if you are in the catering business, it's time to get your grillin' game face on.

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Smokin’ Stuff: Tools for the BBQ Smoker

Backyard barbecue warriors and commercial smoking professionals alike have one very savory thing in common...a love for transforming  cheaper cuts of meat into tender slabs sopping in flavor. The origins of smoking meat came from necessity: preserving food and keeping bugs away from outdoor food preparation. This, of course, was well before the advent of ...

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Grilling Safety: Americans are Fired Up to Celebrate Independence

This holiday weekend, keep the flames kissing the food and off the azaleas. The National Fire Protection Association has stated that 1300 fires are started each year from charcoal grills and over 6000 fires are sparked from gas grills. Keep your family, friends and neighbors safe this summer with the following grilling safety tips.

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Father’s Day Pig Roast

When I was a little girl growing up in a Greek-American household, summertime meant that there would be quite a few pig roasts. This sort of barbecue consisted of a large pig on a spit, proudly cooking in the front yard. Invitations to such an event typically required one phone call to set off a series of phone calls, resulting in a majority of the town's Greek ...

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